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  • This guide will help you get perfect impressions! how to take poly vinyl impression guide to impression trays Cottonwood labs always prefers to have a full impression for any appliance it makes but understands that it might not always be

    Impressions Guidelines

    impression, Poly Vinyl,

  • Instructions on uploading a STL file: Click the button “send a STL file” to get to our log in page or enter in your url Enter you login info Click on the file station icon (top left) Open your corresponding

    Uploading STL to Cottonwood server

    Cottonwood Server, STL,

  • open your web browser and login to your MyAlignTech account Search for the patient’s scans you wish to export (iRecord scans will be available online within 30 minutes of the scan. iCast scans are typically not available for 2-5 days.) Select

    Itero scanner – STL export

    iTero export STL,

  • With advance data plan, Log into the 3M™ Connection Center web portal from your PC, tablet or smartphone using the login and password received from 3M. (Access to Connection Center is obtained by contacting the Customer Care Center at 1-800-634-2249,

    3M – STL export

    3m Export STL,

  • Unfortunately Sirona does not do 3rd party STL exports. The only STL provided is through Sirona Connect, which we do not have. The only other way is through a sister-lab to Sirona called Infinident. At  your can pay $15

    Sirona – cerec

    CEREC export STL, SIrona export STL,

  • Ideal 3D Models

    Perfect 3D models,