Digital Scans


We receive direct “scanner to lab” digital scans from Itero, 3shape, 3M, and a backup private server . We also use our private server for any other scanners that allow 3rd party STL’s giving almost everyone a direct connection with Cottonwood Labs.

3Shape, Itero, and 3M can be sent from your scanner to our lab by selecting Cottonwood labs as the destination. We use our own rx lab slips that can be emailed or faxed. This notifies us and allows you to see what has been sent.

If you are unable send from your scanner for whatever reason. Cottonwood Labs has a private server server that all doctors can use. Our server allows you to upload large STL scan files from any scanner that allows open STL’s(info). After you have uploaded your files please email/fax your rx lab slips to notify us.



This service is perfect for any difficult impression or uncooperative patient. No mess, no pouring models, no gagging, and  no risk of broken models!

  1. Give us a call! Set up a date with one or several patients

  2. We will arrive on the scheduled date, at your practice, with our 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner (#1 in ADA study for trueness and precision in intraoral scanners)

  3. Our tech will scan your patient and send the digital scan to our lab. We will either make the appliance or convert the digital scan to a open STL file for your use.