About Us

Thank you for choosing Cottonwood Orthodontic Lab for your Appliance Needs.


Our mission statement is simple:

“We’ll Make It Right”

– We Apply this to everything we do! 


When it comes to your Business…..

We’ll Make It Right!

When it comes to Customer Service…..

We’ll Make It Right!

When it comes to Appliances…..

We’ll Make It Right!

Our Objective

Cottonwood Orthodontic Lab understands how valuable a Doctor’s time is. We are committed to working closely with our customers to provide appliances that fit correctly without unnecessary adjustments. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary chair time spent by the Doctor with each patient and their appliance.

Our Pledge To Our Customers

–    Our products will be delivered on time, every time.

–    Provide appliances that meet a Doctor’s individual needs.

–    Keep open communication between the Doctor and our Lab.

–    Strive to become the industry leader in Orthodontic Appliances.

–    Build a long lasting relationship with our clients.

–    Never take our clients for granted.