• Flipper

    Flipper, Hawley,

  • Hawley W C-Clasp

    C-Clasp, Hawley,

  • Hawley W Welded C-Clasp

    C-Clasp, Hawley,

  • Hawley with Adams

    Adams Clasp, Hawley,

  • Clear Tray Retainer

    Essex, Retainer,

  • Hawley Welded Labial Bow

    Hawley, Welded Labial bow,

  • Clear Labial bow

    Clear Labial, Hawley,

  • Hawley habit acrylic cones

    Acrylic, Habit, Hawley,

  • Hawley Wraparound With Support Wires

    This appliance can be used to allow for final settling of occlusion and closing of minor interproximal spaces.  As show in the photo this Wraparound Hawley includes the optional support wires distal to the laterals.   We like to place

    Wraparound Hawley


  • Hawley With Arrow Clasp

    Arrow Clasp can be a good alternative to your standard ball clasp by giving the doctor some additional retention.  

    Hawley With Arrow Clasp