One Year Warranty

One Year Warranty

If your appliance breaks we’ll fix it, for FREE**

(conditions may apply)


In the event that your appliance breaks or is broken, please send the broken appliance back with a new lab slip and we will remake it for Free!

Cottonwood Labs Guidelines for One Year Warranty

  • Warranty has full coverage on any failure of material due to poor quality, poor construction or defect.
  • Appliance must be returned with a model and impression so a lab tech can evaluate the damage.
  • If appliance is broken by “patient” there will be a $15 charge plus cost of parts replaced.
  • Warranty expires One year from the day the appliance is invoiced.
  • Lost appliances will not be covered and new impressions may be needed.
  • If you have any questions please call us at (801)904-2006.

*Note that Cottonwood Lab’s One Year Warranty guidelines need be observed in order to enjoy the Warranty*

Tips to keep your appliances from breaking

  • Never eat with any removable appliances, especially Flippers
  • If removing your appliance please leave it in a protective case, and not to carry it in your pockets.
  • If necessary hand wash your appliance only
  • Do not boil or place your appliance in your dishwasher it may weaken the appliance.