Perfect Fit


If any of our appliances don’t fit, we will remake it at no additional cost!**  If our lab notices any distortion or problems with the model or impression we will call your office.  If there is not any visible distortion noticed by a technician in our inspection process, we take full responsibility.  Simply return the appliance along with its corresponding model and lab slip  and a new lab slip and we will remake it for free!  It is important to follow some basic guidelines listed below to insure your “perfect fit appliance”

Cottonwood guidelines for a “Perfect-Fit” appliance:

  • Doctor must sign off on the impression or model insuring….
    • All models and impressions have been checked for visible distortion.
      • Note any  concerns in the special instructions.
    • The lab slip must be correctly prescribed for the needed appliance.
      • We can only make what is asked for. 
    • All items are included.
      • Bands,wires,photos.
  • If sending a model with bands set in stone by the office, it is the doctors responsibility for correct placement.
  • Make certain that impressions and models are complete with full anatomy.
  • Tray should extend past the gingival margin to ensure accuracy (more details) 
  • For working models, pour in stone, not plaster – standard laboratory practice.
  • Tray type retainers are not covered by guarantee due to unseen distortion.
  • Appliance must be delivered within 4 weeks of impression date.


**Note that Cottonwood Lab’s “Perfect-Fit” guidelines need be observed in order to enjoy the Guarantee*



More tips, from professionals like you:

  • Keep consistent measurements when mixing alginate, plaster and stone.
  • Think the impression is ready to pull? First, count 10-15 more seconds.
  • Release suction, or unlock back impression with finger before withdrawing the tray. Pull tray out quickly, in an occlusal direction.
  • Wrap impressions with damp paper towel, and no standing water in the bag.
  • Consistent stone consistency – not too thick or thin.
  • Aim for a 10 mm base on all working models (1/2 inch.) *We charge for pouring a base.
  • If sending impressions, use 5 day alginate.
  • If sending models, no large air bubbles please – always use a Whip Mix vacuum mixer along with a good vibrator to insure a solid model. .


*Cottonwood lab offers a biweekly Perfect-Pour workshop, free of charge*

Consistent actions always produce consistent results.
Inconsistent actions will always produce inconsistent results.


Cottonwood Orthodontic Lab always strives for 100% consistency.