• This type of  RPE is ideal when dealing with a narrow or small palate.  Because of the size of screw the doctor has more options for placement. The featured appliance  is constructed with a 13mm screw and 0.40 lingual wires for

    Compact RPE

    Expansion, RPE,

  • E-Arch utilizes a Niti spring that can be activated after insertion to exert a even force over time for lower expansion. This applince requries no compliance buy patent and must be activated by the doctor.


    E-Arch, Expansion, Fixed,

  • Fixed Lower Expander or  (Flea) is constructed using a 13mm  screw and 0.036 rest on the 4s.


    Expansion, Fixed, Flea,

  • This type of expansion appliances incorporates a 11mm acrylic screw screw embedded into an acrylic button which depth starts approximately 5 mm from the gingival margin.  The wire used to connect the acrylic structure to the bands is 0.036. The

    Haas RPE

    Expansion, Fixed, RPE,

  • The cottonwood standard for the quad helix is 0.036 stainless steel wire bent approximately 2 mm from he tissue. Variations of this appliance include…. 0.032 stainless steel wire. 0.040 stainless steel wire ( the thicker wire needs to be placed

    Quad Helix

    Expansion, Fixed, Quad Helix,

  • RPE 7mm

    7mm, Expansion, Fixed,


    Expansion, Fixed, RPE, TAD,

  • RPE, Headgear hooks

    Expansion, Fixed, Headgear Hooks, RPE,

  • RPE, Facemask hooks

    Expansion, Headgear Hooks, RPE,