Company History

Cottonwood Labs – A History

Brandon Farley founded Cottonwood Labs in 2004 after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University; during which time he worked as an in house, full time orthodontic lab technician. This allowed him to pay his way through college while doing something he was excited about. He enjoyed this experience so much, after graduating he decided to open his own lab. Cottonwood Labs first started out in a friend’s basement, in Salt Lake City, Utah and now operates a full service orthodontic laboratory and production facility in Murray, Utah.

In 2008 Brandon’s brother, Seth joined Cottonwood Labs and became the face of the company. Seth improved customer service and created valued relationships within the orthodontic industry. Seth introduced the “Perfect Fit Guarantee” and the “We’ll Make it Right” policies; allowing Brandon to focus on the operation and creation of quality products. Seth determined that any appliance made by Cottonwood Labs needed to fit the patient, fitting just the model might not always be good enough.

The “Perfect Fit Guarantee” and the “We’ll Make it Right” policies are what makes Cottonwood Labs successful. By taking accountability of all remakes regardless of fault; the doctors, their staff and Cottonwood Labs work together to ensure issues are resolved before they become production problems or turn into a non-functional appliance. This level of transparency has allowed Cottonwood Labs to further align their goals with their doctors, to ensure the patient is getting an effective, quality appliance that has a “Perfect Fit.”

Most recently Brandon and Seth’s father, Erik Farley (more commonly known as “Papa Farley”) has joined Cottonwood Labs and has helped grow and improve the business by improving customer service practices. Erik can also be found meeting with doctors, hiring employees or helping out the delivery driver. Papa Farley has made Cottonwood Labs a better place and he enjoys being there almost as much as his sons (and the rest of the staff) love having him.

Cottonwood Labs continues to grow and evolve. They strive to be healthy and green; as based on the premise “When you are green, you grow; when you are ripe, you rot.” The orthodontic industry is changing and there are exciting advances being made. Cottonwood Labs is on the cutting edge of these improvements and uses the latest technologies available. They are currently using and providing 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and Cloud Support. Cottonwood Labs is now equipped to accept STL files through their Online Cloud System, provide 3D printed models and consult regarding 3D data management.

Since opening its doors in 2004, Cottonwood Labs has provided doctors with high quality orthodontic appliances that are delivered on time with little to no adjustment needed. They have continued to grow year after year; and they contribute this success to the valuable relationships that have been fostered with their doctors. Cottonwood labs truly does everything in their power to “Make it Right.”