When Shipping to Cottonwood via UPS


  • Cottonwood Lab supplies already addressed shipping labels for you.
  • Shipping charges include UPS pickup at your office.
  • Schedule a delivery date that coincides well with your appointment date and time.

If no appointment time is set, an appliance could be delivered at any time on the day requested.

  • Fill out lab slips completely.
  • Use biohazard bags, and place lab slip in document pouch.
  • Considering a RUSH case?  Please, call the lab first.

*If your office is closed any day of the week, please make necessary scheduling arrangements; we are usually prohibited from delivering to a closed office.*

Cottonwood suggested shipping procedures must be observed in order to qualify for our On-Time Guarantee.

Cottonwood has found UPS to be a reliable way to ship. However, we are flexible. If you have a special situation, we are more than happy to accommodate you where we can.