Itero scanner – STL export

  1. open your web browser and login to your MyAlignTech account
  2. Search for the patient’s scans you wish to export

    (iRecord scans will be available online within 30 minutes of the scan. iCast scans are typically not available for 2-5 days.)

  3. Select Export (OrthoCAD 3.5 or higher). this will download the image into OrthoCAD and open dialogue for completing the STL export.Itero STL export
  4. Click on the Export button and then click Yes. You should now be able to view the folder and STL files

    (to view the STL files you have to install the iTero Viewer. Click Support for installation instructions.)

  5. Your scans are now saved as STL files on your computer in the folder you specified. Be sure to make a note of where the files were saved. These files will need to be located during the upload process.

    (we recommend creating a case file folder to store both the scans and the Rx sheet to make it easier to locate during the upload process)