Type II Distal Jet

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  • Distal Jet II Orthodontic Appliance

      Appliance Purpose / Function: Distilization and holding. This appliance is designed so that the doctor can distilize the molars and then hold them in place once distilization is complete.  Distilization is controlled by la friction screw in the distal

    Type II Distal Jet


  • Pend-X orthodontic appliance

    This appliance allow the doctor to expand and distilize at the same time. Appliance will come activated from lab. We include the Leone pop screw as the standard screw.

    Pend – X


  • Halterman


  • Hygienic Pend-X


  • Pend-X


  • T-Rex


  • Rapid Molar Distilizer


  • Hygenic T-Rex