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Printed Models

*Exceptions Apply

3D printed models

For this pricing we ONLY accept STL files or 3shape files for 3D models.  (Some companies, for example, 3M provide file conversion to STL for 3rd party use.  Others, Sirona, offer a paid conversion for 3rd parties to STL or other formats we are able to convert files for an additional charge.)

Special offer for $10 printed models applies for limited time.  Offer includes basic 3D model work, charges may apply on any additional 3D model prep.  Offer may expire due to limited material, time, or availability.  Prices range at $10 arches to $50 Study Models plus any additional model work costs that are needed.  Advertised price does NOT include shipping, delivery is free for local doctors in the Salt Lake City county.  Seven day turnaround does NOT include 3D models, actual turnaround times vary depending on material, time, or availability.


SliderThe Higgins Xbow® can greatly speed up your Class II bite correction


Sing up by February 2, 2018 to lock in your price!!

M.A.A. package $266.00

Price includes:
  • 4 Custom sized crowns
  • TPA, LLHA, and 4 rests
  • Upper and lower printed models -or- Free shipping plaster models
  • 8 Day turnaround for Digital 3D scans. (Plus 3 days shipping for plaster models)
Cottonwoods Labs M.A.A is covered under Cottonwoods Year warranty, Guarantee for a Perfect-fit and to arrive On-time!